Custom Orders for Made In Ireland Quilts

I don’t have my own website yet but I’m working on it. So when I got a call from a family that was out on vacation from the United States and wanted me to make a quilt for them I was delighted. She wanted a quilt made in Ireland and reckons there would be lots of other people that would avail of this service with me if I was easier to find! Like I say, I’m working on it.

Anyway the quilt turned out really gorgeous. The customer picked her fabric choices herself at my studio and already knew what pattern she wanted to use. The Double Irish Chain, as it is an Irish pattern. She wanted shamrocks quilted into it too. I had concerns about quilting the shamrocks with green thread as there is quite a bit of white in this quilt and I thought they would look too stark. Well I was wrong and the customer was right. The quilt looked beautiful with the 2 contrasting greens she picked and the green shamrocks look fantastic on the front and back.

I really enjoyed making a custom order quilt for my customer and I hope to make more in the future.






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