Injuries while sewing


I know it sounds so silly to say that I have injuries from sewing but the truth is I do. I custom quilt on a longarm quilting machine and no matter what height I have my frame set up at I still end up bent over it to some degree which puts a strain on my middle to lower back. I don’t find that my back hurts me all the time though, as once I take breaks my back goes back to normal but I would say after a lot of years there could be some permanent damage done there. Another horrible side affect to using a long arm is hand tremors! I have some twitching going on because of the vibrations from the machine. I have tried to lessen the vibrations by putting foam around the frame but nothing can take away the vibration from the pure power of the longarm machine. I have however started taking magnesium and that has helped with it would you believe.

When I piece for long periods of time my neck really starts to hurt. I would say this is a very common side affect to sewing. Sometimes I have to actually stop sewing because the pain and strain just gets too much and there is nothing worse than having to stop sewing when you are in the zone!

Pin pricks are no laughing matter and worse yet have you ever sewed your actual finger before? I nearly took the tip off one of my fingers once with my longarm.

Lastly ‘Burns’ I am constantly burning myself with my iron as quilting requires a lot of pressing. I remember my mother used to have a really old pressing machine and I would love that back at times as I am so clumsy with an iron.

I have heard of some sewers that have inhaled pins before too!





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