Review so far of Judi Madsens Quilting makes a difference

It’s no secret I am the biggest fan of Judi Madsen of Green Fairy Quilts. I did a workshop with her in Phoenix before I returned to Ireland and I still have and love the sample I have from that workshop. Also, it was so great to actually meet her. I am also a mother to 3 boys and one girl and I know how busy that can be so I really admire her work ethic too as you would not believe the amount of hours that goes into one of her masterpieces.

I do love doing Craftsy classes so this was my first on line experience other than Craftsy. The class was run by  I Quilt sponsored by Bernina and I have to say I would highly recommend the class. I do plan on taking further classes with them but they are pricier than Craftsy classes so I will keep them for Birthday gifts etc.

The thing I loved about this class is you get a pattern for the pieced part also. Nothing too complicated but still, I thought a very important part of the process. You make 2 of these pieces. One for traditional style quilting and one of the modern style. So once your pieced item is made it’s straight on to the marking and I really loved this part as it shows me how to go about executing the marking. When I first started quilting I would sometimes stand there with my marking pen and not know exactly what to do but this class shows you how to separate the different sections of your quilt and what size sections to mark out.

I was actually surprised how little marking was involved in this quilt considering there is a lot of quilting on it. I also loved that aspect too. A lot of the time all you really need are reference lines rather than actual exact markings and the reference lines tell you when to change the size of your quilting for example when you are turning a corner etc.

I am so pleased with the outcome of this little quilt. I even decided to do it in Ireland colors seen as I am Irish and all 🙂

I will do another blog post on the modern version when I am finished. I’m excited to get started on the modern version but I have to admit I really enjoyed the traditional one so I’m sure I am going to love the modern version also.


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