T-Shirt quilt stabilizer recommendation

I was busy quilting for people over Christmas but because they were all being gifted I can’t blog about them. Generally speaking I like to have something on my sewing machine at the same time I have something on my longarm machine because I like to change what I am doing every so often as I get bored working on the same thing for long periods of time.

Some of my friends want me to start advertising making quilts from baby clothes or shirts etc but I didn’t really want to go down the route as I have a whole room full of fabric that is actually for quilting.

I had a last minute request from a woman that wanted me to make 2 quilts for her out of her mothers pajamas who unfortunately had passed away and she wanted a comfort quilt for herself and her sister. I didn’t use a stabilizer as it wouldn’t have been the comfort quilt they were looking for. It would have been more stiff because of the stabilizer. They turned out great and the customer was delighted with her quilts.  However, I would love to hear from other quilters that make t-shirt quilts as to their opinion on stabilizers for t-shirt quilts. Do you always use stabilizers for them and can you get a stabilizer that can still keep the quilt comfy and cozy and not stiff. My only walk in source for stabilizer here is more of a soft furnishing store rather than a quilting store so I’m sure I can probably get a good soft stabilizer on line and would love to hear of a recommendation for this. I have also been looking for a soft fusible that is only fusible on one side and can’t seem to source that here either for some reason.

I enjoyed being busy before Christmas but I will be happy to get back to working to normal time frames again!


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